This comprehensive renovation - comprising landscaping, restoration work and a ground floor rear extension with a new basement garage - confidently disseminates the modernist palette within a traditional setting: a large semi-detached villa located in an exclusive residential area of Frankfurt.

The bold, architectural landscaping in fair-faced white concrete sits comfortably within the existing typology. This is achieved through the predominance of one material, which gives a densification of expression, harmonising with the considerable scale of the house. The existing fa├žade of the building is maintained, clarifying the dynamic between old and new.

The geometrically precise aesthetic is continued within and to the rear of the property. The living room and kitchen have been reconfigured as one continuous interior and the subsequent finishing to all surfaces, including the oak flooring, is of the highest quality. The use of concealed wall heating, and the careful integration of a state-of-the-art electrical system, ensures that the intrusion of new technology is kept to a minimum.

The connection between inside and outside space is delivered through bespoke full height windows and the flooring specification being extended out onto the terrace. High quality door-closers to each glazing unit is further evidence that every detail has been addressed.

Restoration work throughout is thorough and respectful of existing details including, most significantly, an internal courtyard with a dramatic sky vista. The provision of new reinforced roof glazing, with high insulation levels, manages the integrity of this impressive volumetric space.

The functionality of a garage can at times compromise design, not here however: a subterranean facility, with room for three cars, delivers not only the necessary space but also the basis for the two-tier landscaping, which articulates the extensive terrace. Steps to the front and rear of the property are precisely aligned and appointed with a steel handrail and balustrade. An elegance and clarity of work is evident in each area of this residential project.

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