The concept for this minimalist penthouse, situated within a three-storey house, built in 1889, was to strip everything down to its essential quality. All existing interior walls were removed and a steel A- Frame introduced to achieve a column free, 7m double height space. A mezzanine floor with a glass balustrade forms the sleeping area, below which three large folding walls enable the open plan format to be subdivided into a series of smaller, more intimate spaces.

As the exterior fabric of the building is under an historic preservation order new glazing was carefully designed so as to complement existing fenestration detailing in the windows to the floors below.

Despite the use of a computer controlled heating and lighting system - the latter delivering fourteen different illumination scenarios via a series of bespoke lamps - the visual impact of technology is kept to a minimum. The apartment’s indirect lighting is subtly integrated into the full-length cupboards and window niches.

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