This new library facility for the historically protected Pestalozzi primary school in Frankfurt was inspired by the school’s philosophy and the building’s architectural quality. The design wanted to respond to the school’s innovative educational spirit and at same time respect the fabric of the existing building, as developed by acclaimed architect Martin Elsaesser in 1928. The result: four stand alone pieces in colours renowned for enhancing and stimulating learning.

The furniture has been well received, not only for its vibrancy and playfulness but also for its practicality: comfortable, child-friendly and robust - each comprises a wooden sub-structure covered with polyurethane foam, then coated with a patented rubberised skin, specified for its high durability.

Their pedagogic shapes and volumes, two circular and two rectangular, define the library. Each combines storage and seating. Their mobility and flexibility have introduced a fun, spatial dynamic. The large circular piece can either be the scene of an intimate ‘den’ atmosphere or alternatively part of a wider class activity. The children take the lead.

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