A traditional late 19th century top floor apartment has been completely transformed. A large section of the previously inaccessible loft has been reclaimed, resulting in a dramatic double height living space. The provision of new roof glazing, detailed to seamlessly integrate into the minimal aesthetic, delivers a generous source of natural light, as well as facilitating a deliberate play of light and shadow. Continuously changing sky vistas, including aircraft vapour trails, provide an enjoyable and contemplative connection with the outside world.

The remaining part of the loft has been redeveloped as a gallery and workspace. This area extends out onto a large terrace with impressive views of the Frankfurt skyline. The glazed wall to the roof garden has hidden mullions, providing an uninterrupted transition between interior and exterior; and, moreover, disseminating a visually striking geometric juxtaposition of doorway and apex elevation.

Throughout the penthouse the slate flooring delivers a distinctive sense of quality and depth to the spatial arrangement. This elegantly contrasts with the volumetric design as articulated through the smooth white surfaces of the walls and ceilings. An additional material - glass for the balustrading in the gallery space, and the environmentally friendly eucalyptus hardwood for selective doorways and kitchen units - is used to enrich the scheme’s sculptural dynamic at key locations. As well as giving coherence to the whole, the grid alignment of the bespoke Brazilian slate flooring provides exacting evidence that the positioning of all interior furniture has been carefully considered.

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