This 10.8m cantilevered sliding gate forms the main entrance to the Herkules Industrial complex in Meuselwitz. Its bespoke construction was developed in close co-operation with the manufacturer. The finely engineered nature of the design, operating as it does on a counter-balancing system, reflects the meticulous detailing that the Herkules group brings to its production of industrial roll grinders.

The gate is elegantly articulated in a single sheet of stainless steel; special concealed fixings were used, heightening a sense of precision and assuredness in its materiality and finishing. As way of encapsulating – and indeed celebrating - these attributes, the company logo has been indented within the sliding gate, laser cut from a solid block of aluminum.

Laser technology is further utilized as a safety issue; the gate’s electronic closing procedure is halted if any hindrance is encountered. A secondary gate, with an integrated video surveillance and intercom, allows for pedestrian access.

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